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5 Tips on Preparing for an Autism Evaluation

Updated: Apr 30

Preparing for an autism evaluation as a parent is difficult but necessary. Here are a few tips I hope you find useful:

#1 Learn about autism: Search the internet, read articles and books, watch YouTube videos, and connect with others via social media.

#2 Jot down child's behaviors, your questions and concerns: During the evaluation the psychologist, pediatrician, or other medical provider will ask you questions about your child's behavior. They will also give you time to address any questions or concerns that you may have. Taking note of these things beforehand can help you to remember what you would like to discuss. This can also help to lessen the stress you may feel going into the meeting.

#3 Gather all documents relating to your child's health: keep all of your child’s documents in a folder, binder, or on a flash drive so that they are safe and accessible when needed.

#4 Consider inviting a supportive family member or friend: A family member or friend can be present to take notes, answer questions from the medical provider, and provide emotional support.

#5 Finally, understand that your child will be okay regardless of the outcome of the evaluation. An autism diagnosis is NOT a death sentence. Your child can have a fulfilling life as a person on the spectrum.

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How did you prepare for your child's evaluation? What advice can you share?


About the Writer

Sparkle Allen Hoston is an autism advocate, content creator, and stay-at-home mother from Oakland, CA.

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